ASU Prep Virtual Graduation Screenshot

24 Barca Residency Academy Student-Athletes Graduate from ASU Preparatory Academy

May 22, 2020

Casa Grande, AZ – The 2020 ASU Preparatory Academy network-wide graduation ceremony took place Friday morning in a virtual fashion to celebrate the Class of 2020 from the ASU Prep Phoenix, ASU Prep Polytechnic, ASU Prep Tempe, ASU Prep Casa Grande, ASU Prep DIgital and ASU Prep South Phoenix high schools.

It was an excellent virtual graduation ceremony that provided a quality celebration to honor the graduates’ hard work and dedication. Graduates and their families tuned in from country-wide and abroad to celebrate their milestone. While it was not the usual in-person graduation that we’ve grown used to, it was nothing short of special for all involved.

Congratulations to the 24 Barça Residency Academy student-athletes who graduated from ASU Prep Academy!

Julian Abi-Jaoude, Ian Benites, Tayolor Buena, Diego Cevallos, Amadeo Chapru-Tate, Daniel Chaverria, Daniel Clime, Henry Hernandez, Liam Hogg, Andre Hoglin, Chaitanya Kaktikar, John Kuwano, Luke Lawrence, Guillermo Lopez, Elias Marshall, Jean Martin-Rojas, Nathan Ortiz, Joseph Ray, Michael Reyes, Ulrich Schmidt, Nathan Schnur, Ethan Sheaffer, Elias Thomas, Samuel Twigg.

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