Barca Residency Academy Tuzos Challenge Champions

Four Barça Residency Academy teams Crowned Tuzos Challenge Champions


September 11, 2019

4:20pm MDT

Casa Grande, Arizona


The Barça Residency Academy Pre-Academy teams began the 2019-20 season with a bang, taking home four championship trophies from the annual 2019 Tuzos Challenge.

In the three-day tournament, Barça Residency Academy’s five pre-academy teams (U-15, U-16, U-17, U-18 and U-19) combined for an impressive 15-2-2 overall weekend record while netted 44 total goals.

“The Tuzos Challenge was a great event for our Pre-Academy teams to start off the season on a positive note,” said academy director Ged Quinn. “Having 4 of the 5 teams at the event come away as Champions is a testament to the hard work that the players and coaches have put in through Pre-Season. Having success while implementing our style of play so early in the year was great to see and creates a solid foundation for the guys to build and improve upon as we move back into league play this coming weekend.”

Tuzos Challenge – Phoenix, AZ


U-19s Champions (2-0-2)


BRA 0 vs. RSL- AZ North 0


BRA 3 vs. Tuzos Villarreal 2

Goals: Brandon Garcia, Ian Benites, Taylor Buena.

BRA 3 vs. Phoenix Brazas 0

Goals: Ian Benites (3)


BRA 1 vs. Tuzos Academy 1

Goal: Sam Twigg


U-18s Champions (4-0-0)


BRA 4 vs. Phoenix Rising FC – Glendale 0

Goals: Liam Hogg, Chaitanya Kaktikar, Psalm Yi, Jakob Stavehaug.

Assists: John Kuwano (2), Tyler Stierli, Isael Soto.


BRA 1 vs. Avondale United 0

Goal: Liam Hogg

Assist: Julian Abi-Jaoudé


BRA 2 vs. Excel Soccer Academy 1

Goals: Jakub Stavehaug, Jimmy Glaab.

Assists: Johnny Kuwano, Samuel Mendoza-Ruiz.

BRA 1 vs. Tuzos Academy 0

Goal: Vihn Le

Assist: Johnny Kuwano


U-17s Champions (4-1-0)


BRA 5 vs. Excel Soccer Academy 1


BRA 5 vs. Phoenix Thunder 0

Goals: Luke Husakiwsky, Noah Laureano (2), Darian Castillo, Braedon Smith.


BRA 0 vs. Tuzos Academy 1

BRA 1 vs. TMSFC 0

Goal: Cole Pergan


U-16s Champions (3-0-0)


BRA 3 vs. FCDA Real 0


BRA 5 vs. CCV Stars 0

Goals: Riley Horne, Shaan Malik, Adrien Griffin, Pedro Peres


BRA 3 vs. Tuzos Academy 0

Goals: Shaan Malik (3)


U-15 (2-1-0)


BRA 3 vs. Excel Academy


BRA 0 vs. Tuzos Academy 1


BRA 4 vs. Phoenix Rising FC – Glendale 2

Goals: Glendale Idoh, Michale Lucero, Michael Barraza, Noah Ervin


The Pre-Academy teams jump into Arizona Advanced League play this weekend.

All Pre-Academy teams will be in action on Saturday, September 14

U-19: vs. SC del Sol; 11:20am – SSC #3

U-18: vs. CCV Stars; 8:00am – SSC #4

U-17: vs. RSL-AZ Yuma; 11:40am – SSC #4

U-16: vs. NSFC AZ; 9:40am – SSC #5

U-15: vs. Phoenix Rush; 9:40am – SSC #2

Sunday. September 15

U-18: vs. AZ Classic; 1:30pm – SSC #4

U-16: vs. West Valley; 2:40pm – SSC #3

U-15: vs. FBSL Salsa; 1:00pm – SSC 3

SSC – Scottsdale Sports Complex

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