Player Insider: Goals for Year two at Barça

Player Insider: Year two Goals

By: Caden Clark

October 11, 2018

I am very grateful to get the opportunity to play for Barça Residency Academy. They have not only given me the recognition on the field but also the opportunity to learn life skills at a very young age which will help me throughout my soccer career and life in general.

I am very humbled to have the resources that Barça has given me. I get to be in a soccer school, hang out with my brothers and play the sport I love every day. I love doing what I do down here. There are no distractions and it is the best environment to be in if you want to get better every day.

This year has been a little for different for me, I got called into a U.S. National Team camp which I’m very blessed and humbled to have been called into. I will continue to work harder and smarter every day to keep getting called in. I had a minor setback, due to an injury, which was very upsetting. I’ve never had an injury that has caused me to sit out for a decent amount of time. I live my life through soccer and my life is very boring without it.

My goals on the field are:

La Masia

Score 10 goals

Have 10 assist

Get called into an international trip

Set an example on the field

Outwork everyone

Be a leader

Have the confidence to take players on and don’t be afraid to lose the ball

The school at Barça Residency Academy (ASU Prep) has allowed me to focus on soccer, while still maintaining good grades. Every day we go into the classroom and receive instruction while being able to interact with our teammates and classmates. The school allows me to work at my own pace and they are very understanding when it comes to soccer related things such as the U.S. National Team camps.

My goals academic goals:

Maintain a 3.8 GPA

Get an 85% or higher on every test

Become fluent in Spanish

I feel like when I challenge myself in the classroom it transfers onto the field which is immensely important. ASU Prep allows me to follow my dreams while getting a great education which will take me very far in life.

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