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Player Insider: How Far I’ve Come

Player Insider

Josset, Barça Academy U-18 Player

April 12, 2018

After 7 months, my experience at Barça Academy is still wonderful! I am really learning and improving every day! All the staff at the academy gives you support and helps you with whatever you need. Each staff member has a very important role at the academy and everyone does their best work every day. The academy is very well implemented, we are constantly training and we like it so much that we as players even train on our rest days. I am sure that all of the athletes at Barca Academy like it here, we are all happy to be here because it is what we all do – which is PLAY SOCCER.

A few days ago I was watching film from one of my first games here at the academy and after analyzing it that day, I realized the major differences, I have come a long way and that is what Barça Academy offers you, an experience at the highest level. I am more than happy to be here, the season ends in 3 months and it is as if the time had passed by very quickly, which is understandable because when a person is doing what he/she likes the most then time seems to fly. So, I am grateful to all the staff for the way they make this such a great experience.

In soccer, competitiveness is very important if you want to discover what level you are at. Competing with players who are at a higher level is simply something incredible, at first they could be better than you but eventually you decide whether you want to overcome the obstacles to compete. In my experience at the academy, this happened with me but I feel that I am progressing every day and crossing every obstacle with the help of the coaches. My skills have been much better because the coaches have helped me to improve. They not only guide you on the field but they lead and guide you to be a professional on and off the field. They teach us to be responsible and accountable for our actions to make a better future for ourselves. Many of us who are in the academy come from far places, and some even from other countries so being here gives us a lot of freedom. The coaches have taught us that we ourselves are the ones who make the decisions and to make good ones. All in all, I am more than happy to belong to an academy with such high prestige.

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