What I have learned at Barca Academy, by Frank

Player Insider: What I’ve Learned at Barça Academy

Written by: Frank, U-15 Barça Academy player

My time here at Barça Academy has been good so far. I have learned many new things while being here. Some things I have learned  are: how to be a responsible, how to act on and of the field, and Barça’s style of play. I really wish to continue the rest of my four years here at the Barça Academy.

I have learned to be more responsible in many ways. In my opinion, the thing that has made me more responsible is not relying on my parents for everything. This has made me more responsible is because I have to take responsibilities into my own hands. For example, here at the Barça Academy I have to balance my school work with my soccer schedule. As a student-athlete I have to do my work as well as perform at the highest level at practice and in games.

Here at the Barça Academy I’ve learned how to act on and off the field. The major thing you need to do off and on the field is be respectful to everyone, this includes the coaches the ASU Prep staff and everyone in between. Being respectful is a major role you should play anywhere you are. It is also a good trait to have in  your everyday life.

The last thing I have learned at the Barça Academy is the Barça style of soccer. There are three parts on the field to Barca’s style of play. There is the “defending third,” the “middle” and the “final third.” In the defending third, you are trying not to lose the ball when your team has it. In the middle third, you want to control the game. In the final third, you are trying to score. Those are the three basic parts to Barça’s style of play.

Overall my time at the Barca Academy has been great! I have learned many new thing,  how to be responsible, being respectful, and the Barça style of play. I believe these things will help me later on in life with whatever path I choose to take. In conclusion, my time here has been a great experience and I look forward to all of the things I will learn.


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