Player Insider: My first month at Barça Residency Academy

Barca Residency Academy Starting 11 vs. FC Golden State

Player Insider: My first month at Barça Residency Academy

Player Insider: My first month at Barça Residency Academy

By: Ulysses Martinez

September 13, 2018

Receiving this opportunity was very exciting, especially to join a new team. It’s a new environment for me and adapting to this new set up took me a few weeks.

I believe I made the right decision joining Barça Residency Academy because I think the risk is worth the award, which means you should take chances and I’m glad I took this one.

My goals for this year are to succeed in soccer and school. For soccer, I want to become a better player, which is a reason I chose to come here as it is a good place to fully develop and at a faster pace. I want to score goals, become the best soccer player I can be, learn every day and use those skills in my day to day actions and achieve all the goals I set for myself during the year.

The experiences I have been a part of so far are new and inviting, the atmosphere is unfamiliar but I have adapted. I have met a lot of wonderful people, made new friends and I am making memories. Although it’s been challenging at times, I remind myself why I’m here and where I want to be.

I have been playing on soccer teams since the age of five. Once I began competitive soccer, I played for the same team for 8 years before making it to the Timbers Academy. I then was given this opportunity to come to Barça Residency Academy and I have enjoyed the experience so far.

I’m learning a lot from my coaches and other personnel on campus. Although I miss my family, I know I have family here and we all need the support of each other. I am honored to be given this opportunity and I hope to make everyone proud. I also want to make these next few years worth it no matter what and show everyone that I can be something someday.

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