(Barça Academy Player Insider) Barça Academy soccer player, Jose Olmos, and teammates shaking opponents hand after a game at Grande Sports World

Player Insider: Team Chemistry

Barça Academy Player Insider by Jose, U-17 Soccer Player

March 7, 2018

My experience with Barça has been really amazing because I’ve been able to build lifetime friendships with my teammates. I enjoy living with them because I have been able to build memories with them. Whenever we go on trips to play teams, it’s a good vibe. We all get along and whenever we have games, we get down to business. The progression from when we started up to December has been impressive. We are starting to play the way we want to play.

The staff and the players all get along with one another. The trips that Gwen plans for us are really enjoyable like going to the Entertainment Center. It’s fun because we get to interact with one another in a different setting. We get to compete in bowling and arcade games against each other which is something different, outside of soccer. The movies are also cool to go watch as well, especially scary movies, it’s funny to hear some of your peers screaming at the scary parts. My team has really good chemistry with one another on and off the field and we all get along really well. Many teams in the DA don’t have this sort of relationship because they’re not around each other as much as we are.

Other experiences that have been nice is when we have dinner on the property lawn outside of our dorms, my two favorites were the times we had carne asada or ribs. It’s sweet because it’s different than the food we’re served on a regular night, and it’s all catered nicely outside for us. The ribs and carne asada is also delicious. The time we had games like badminton was cool because we were competing against some of the staff and beating them. It’s pretty relaxing whenever we’re outside at the campfire at night and listening to some music, it’s a good time talking about things in general and having a good laugh.

The showcase in December was a success because we went with the mentality to get 9 points and we accomplished that. It was my first time being in Florida so to experience it with my team, it was pretty cool. I’m thankful for Barça giving me an opportunity to play for them because if it wasn’t for this place, I wouldn’t be where I’m at soccer wise. I’ve been getting interests from top colleges and I thank my coach, Sean McCafferty, for getting me there. Every practice I learn something new and I get better because my coach doesn’t allow us to be ordinary players.

Overall, I’ve grown a lot from September to now, I was a shy kid in the beginning because many of us didn’t know each other as well as we do know. We grew together on the field as we worked hard and gelled as a team. We will continue to improve to reach our ultimate goal and that is a national championship.  I will continue to work extremely hard to offer my team the best of me on and off the field.

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