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Player Insider: The Amazing Barça Academy

Player Insider

Ricardo, Barça Academy U-15 Player

March 29, 2018

The Amazing Barça Academy

My experience here at Barça academy has been amazing!  I’ve had a lot of fun here at Barça. I have had many great experiences and many more are to come. The soccer is amazing, the campus is amazing and the staff is very generous here. I have many reasons why this is such an amazing place to be and an amazing place to play soccer. One of the many reasons is because the FCB soccer methodology we learn here is very good. This way of soccer has a purpose, unlike many others. Another reason is because of the school that is here on campus. I love how close school is because we can get a little bit more time to sleep in since school is like thirty seconds walking distance.  One more reason I think this place is so amazing is because the coaching staff, the coaches are really good at their jobs and they are very supportive.

I have made a lot of new friends here who have the same desire I have.  We all wish to someday play at the highest professional level of soccer in the world.  We all wish to play for the club we are representing, F.C. Barcelona.  I have made new friends within the academy and at school. The friends I have made here at Barça Academy all have great dreams to someday play with Barcelona’s first team or to play in La Masia. One great experience here is the many new things I have seen. It’s pretty cool to see how busy this place can get on weekends, there are usually some pretty big crowds here to watch us play our games on Saturdays.

Some of my future goals include playing here in the academy next year. I wish to play here next year for the U17 academy. Another one of my desires is to have good grades in school so I can have a better chance at coming back here next year.  One of my greatest of wishes is to become a professional soccer player. I wish to play for a big club like Barcelona in the future an to play against other big clubs. Ultimately, I wish to have an amazing future.  But to have all of these things I need to work hard.  I am going to need to bust my butt every single day to get to where I want to be in the future. I am going to have to have amazing grades and extremely good soccer skills. I am going to need to train a lot better in practice and work as hard as possible every day.

My most important future goals is to become a professional soccer player so that my parents don’t have to work.  My parents work six days a week and many hours of the day to get me to a better place in the future. So, to repay my parents for everything they have done for me, I want to help them out. Secondly, I want to buy my parents a big house and their own cars. I also want to have enough money in the future to open many opportunities for my little brother who is in the 6th grade. I want him to be the best he can be so that he can reach his dreams.

In total, I have had many great experiences here and I have many goals to fulfill in the future. I have fulfilled many dreams already just by coming to this academy.  But, I still need to reach the rest of my dreams for me and for my family.  I can conclude by saying that is the by far the best academy in the whole U.S., it is an amazing academy in total.  This has been the best experience here and I wish to come back for the next three to four years.

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