Barca Residency Academy players Connor Bradford and Joel Torbic playing with dogs from Pinal County Animal Care and Control

Barca Residency Academy Collaborates on Animal Adoption Campaign

At Barca Residency Academy, the pursuit of excellence on the soccer field is matched by a commitment to excellence off the field. Whether in it’s in the classroom or in the community, Barca Residency Academy student-athletes and staff are dedicated to upholding the highest standards of sportsmanship, service, and academic achievement.

Barca Residency Academy has partnered with local Pinal County Animal Care & Control (PCAC) this season to support their humane lifesaving shelter that serves as a home to over 200 homeless animals.

Barca Residency Academy student-athletes and staff frequently volunteer at the shelter to provide care and companionship for the animals in need.

In their latest collaborative effort, the two organizations enhanced their outreach by launching a social media adoption and rescue campaign. This campaign, which showcased heartwarming photos of the student-athletes and the animals, was a great success, finding homes for three puppies within the first hours of the campaign.

As of 2023, the PCAC shelter is experiencing its most challenging year in maintaining enrichment programs, community programs, and their lifesaving status due to the national animal shelter crisis of too many animals going into shelters and not enough getting adopted.

If you’d like to join Barca Residency Academy in making a difference, please contact Program Coordinator Sienna Yanez-Brokeshoulder at 520-509-3555 or to help PCAC remain a lifesaving operation focused on providing quality care for sheltered animals. Volunteer, donation, foster, or adoption options are available.

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