Barca Residency Academy student-athlete pictured with Pinal County Animal Control dog

Barca Residency Academy Volunteers with Pinal County Animal Care & Control

Volunteering and and giving back to the local community lie at the heart of Barca Residency Academy’s core values. Whether it’s donation drives, recycling initiatives, providing for the less fortunate, or volunteering with the youth, Barca Residency Academy student-athletes and staff are dedicated to making a difference.

Recently, Barca Residency Academy forged a meaningful collaboration with Pinal County Animal Care & Control (PCAC), dedicated to providing support for their humane lifesaving shelter that serves as a home to over 200 homeless animals. Within this initiative, student-athletes help with dog walking, cleaning, treat enrichment, organizing donations, and assisting with various other essential tasks to ensure the welfare of the sheltered animals.

For many of the student-athletes, volunteering at the shelter marked their initial encounter with animal care, providing them with a valuable and enriching experience. For others, it has served as a heartwarming connection to home as they care for furry friends that remind them of their own. With each visit, the number of Barca Residency Academy volunteers continues to grow, as this opportunity consistently offers an invaluable and deeply rewarding experience.

As of 2023, the shelter is experiencing its most difficult year in maintaining enrichment programs, community programs, and their lifesaving status due to the national animal shelter crisis of too many animals going into shelters and not enough getting adopted. If you’d like to join Barca Residency Academy in getting involved, please contact Program Coordinator Sienna Yanez-Brokeshoulder at 520-86-7621 or to help PCAC remain a lifesaving operation focused on providing quality care for sheltered animals. Volunteer, donation, foster, or adoption options are available.

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