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Player Insider: Becoming the Best Version of Myself

Player Insider: Becoming the Best Version of Myself

By: Angel Ramirez

October 4, 2018

My name is Angel Ramirez and pretty much ever since I started walking, I have had a passion for sports but more so for soccer. I grew up in a home where all three of my older brothers and my father played the sport. Every time there was a game on TV we as a family would sit around and watch the game or we would actually be out playing ourselves.

My family and I are very united. We not only help each other out but we are there and do for others when they are in need. One thing I love the most about my family is that they have supported me through my journey and have sacrificed a lot to get me where I am today in my soccer career. I am and will forever be grateful for their support, sacrifice and hard work. They continue to push me to become a better version of myself each and every day.

I have always dreamed of attending a top-level Academy such as Barça Residency Academy. This is such an amazing experience for me due to the fact that not only am I being developed into a better soccer player and person but it is most importantly teaching me how to be more responsible and independent. I will forever be grateful for all the learning advances/opportunities that have and will come my way along with this journey.

Coming into the Barça Academy, I was very much looking forward to the academic side. My dream is to be an elite soccer player and I would love to have younger children such as my nephew know that you can have a great soccer career and still manage to do well in school, that not everyone in sports quits school. I want to be an outstanding role model for people and Barça Residency Academy is pushing me to be the very best version of myself.

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