Barca Residency Academy U-19 Starting XI vs. Breakers FC

Barça Residency Academy U-19s move to 4-0 in Doubleheader Weekend

Barça Residency Academy U-19s move to 4-0 in Doubleheader Weekend

September 21, 2018


It was another busy weekend for Barça Residency Academy with all eight teams in action. The U.S. Soccer Development Academy teams traveled to the Bay Area for a doubleheader weekend against Breakers FC and De Anza Force. The Academy teams brought home 10 points with a record of 2W-2L-2D. The Pre-Academy teams continued with Arizona Advanced League action and finished with a compiled weekend record of 5-3, scoring a total of 26 goals.


Barça Academy U-15 vs. Breakers FC

The Academy teams opened the weekend in Aptos, California where they faced Breakers FC. The U-15s were first to take the field and after two back-to-back mistakes, the young group found themselves down 2-0 within the first three minutes of the game. The U-15s settled into the game after 15 minutes and grabbed a goal back in the 24th minute by way of Darian Castillo. The U-15s saw a few chances before halftime but could not score the equalizer in the first half. Down 2-1, with 5 minutes remaining of in the game, Diego Hernandez scored the equalizer. Barça continued to press for a winning goal but did not have enough time and the game ended in a 2-2 draw.

Barça Academy U-17 vs. Breakers FC

The U-17s took the field next and after a very evenly matched first 25 minutes, Breakers FC opened scoring in the 29th minute and added another in the 38th. Like the U-15s, the Barça Residency Academy U-17s found themselves trailing 2-0 in the first half before scoring a goal. Barça got on the board at the brink of halftime on a PK converted by Nick Bisagno. Again, much like the game before, Barça trailed 2-1 with five minutes remaining in the game. This time, a Barça player was taken down in the box and Ulysses Martinez stepped up and buried the PK to level the score 2-2. The game intensified as both teams rushed to score another goal, Samuel Lee made a critical save in the 87th minute and the final whistle blew with the score remaining 2-2.

Barça Academy U-19 vs. Breakers FC

The U-19s rounded out the day with a commanding 5-1 win over Breakers FC. Barça Residency Academy opened scoring in the 2nd minute when Carter Payne won the ball from the Breakers backline and played Cameron Fisher for the goal. Barça dominated possession in the first half and created several chances but the score remained 1-0 into the half. Breakers FC scored their lone goal in the 49th minute on a PK. Barça responded with two back-to-back goals just four minutes later. The first came in the 52nd minute when Roberto Molina intercepted a ball from the Breakers backline and played Matthew Hoppe through for his first goal of the game. The third goal came just two minutes later when Christian Ortiz stole the ball from a Breakers defender in the Barça attacking third, he played Roberto Molina in traffic but Molina was able to quickly slide the ball to Matthew Hoppe who netted his second goal of the game. The fourth goal was a beauty that came in the 65th minute. Build up from the back lead to an open run down the left side for Roberto Molina who timed a brilliant ball to an overlapping Cameron Fisher who played Alexsi Morel in the box who skillfully put it away. Ryan Combe added to the score in the 82nd minute and Barça Residency Academy capped the day with a 5-1 win over Breakers FC.

Arizona Advanced Leagues

The Arizona Advance League teams had a positive weekend.

The U-19s cruised to a 9-0 win over RSL-AZ South, they are now 2-0 in the Arizona Premier League with an impressive 17-0 goal differential.

The U-18s dropped 1-0 to RSL-AZ South on Saturday and defeated SC del Sol 5-1 on Sunday, moving to 2-1 on the season.

The U-17s beat RSL-AZ North 2-1, they are also 2-1 on the season.

The U-16s beat Tuzos Academy 3-2 on Sunday, making it 2-1 on the season for them as well.

Lastly, the U-15s kicked off their Arizona State League season with two wins, beating West Valley 4-1 on Saturday and North Scottsdale 3-0 on Sunday in their league debut.


Barça Academy U-15 vs. De Anza Force

On Sunday, the Academy teams faced De Anza Force at De Anza Community College in Cupertino, California. In usual fashion, the U -15s opened the day. The Barça Residency Academy U-15s exchanged chances with De Anza in the first 20 minutes of the game before De Anza opened scoring in the 35th minute and took control of the game. Barça trailed 1-0 at the half but De Anza added goals in the 46th and the 53rd minute before Barça scored their lone goal of the game, which came in the 65th minute on a PK. De Anza added the final goal in the 73rd minute and handed Barça Residency Academy a 4-1 loss.

Barça Academy U-17 vs. De Anza Force

The U-17s were next to faced De Anza Force. Despite a few chances on both ends, the teams reached the interval deadlocked at 0-0. The game was up for grabs in the second half, De Anza Force increased their level of play and scored the opening goal in the 49th minute. Barça Residency Academy responded by matching De Anza’s level of play but could not convert their chances. De Anza Force scored the dagger in the 75th minute and shutout Barça Residency Academy 2-0.

Barça Academy U-19 vs. De Anza Force

The U-19s took the field last and handily shutout De Anza Force 4-0 with a great display of soccer. Barça Residency Academy controlled the game from start to finish imposing their style of play. The opening goal came in the 13th minute when Nick Fernandez found Roberto Molina on the left side with a beautiful diagonal ball, Molina took his shot but it was deflected by the keeper. Barça’s Arjan Dosanjh was first to the loose ball and put it away to open scoring. Barça followed up with a few shots on goal but the next goal came in the 40th minute on a PK converted by Matthew Hoppe. Despite their 2-0 lead, Barça entered the second half with the same intensity as the first half.  The third goal came in the 68th minute off a Barça corner kick that bounced around in the box and was ultimately tapped in by a De Anza player. Barça sealed the deal in the 80th minute when Christian Ortiz crossed for Nick Fernandez who calmly scored 4th goal. Barça Residency Academy U-19s remain undefeated (4-0) with a 17-3 goal differential.

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